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Still from Digital Film

6 min 29 Sec

Experimental film made exclusively from orphaned and ‘poor’ images from the Commons which speaks to myth-making in an age of algorithmic image profusion, exploring the role of viewer-witness and developing themes that focus on the the ambiguity of images, the ideological gaze, danger and embodied time.

“Eugeniou’s film leads us on an engaging journey that not only challenges our perceptions but wittily unsettles our own subjectivity as audience. 

We have long since questioned how film makers construct our gaze and, in response, film critics and film makers have posited the female gaze or the desiring black gay male gaze. 

In her film, and in response to the plethora of cute cat images that flood our social media, Eugeniou posits the notion of the feline gaze. A gaze that challenges our perceptions of the world and uncomfortably challenges our relationship to the construction of the feline as an objectified and comforting projection of human interpersonal relationships."

Litza Jansz, Artist, Curator, Educator. 

Screening Updates:

  • MicroActs Artist Film Screenings October 2023 - Official Selection

  • LightMatter International Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection

©Eugeniou 2023

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