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Projection-bombed statue of Hans Sloane on  cover of Third text


#whatcanabodydo was an ephemeral, street art project initiated by a group of seven Londoners to collaborate with Haitian artists and the general public to re-consider the image of colonial monuments in London. The project poses urgent questions about aesthetic and political representation of a shared history in public space where the 'people are missing'. 

An Open Call in Creole, French and English invited submissions of images that related to the theme 'body' to be guerrilla-projected unedited onto ten icons including the The Bank of England, the French Embassy, Tobacco Dock and Tate Britain.

In these immersive flashes was the sense of a new image emerging - clashing, erasing and corroborating stories to trouble what appears to be a fixed and stable image of the familiar city.

The guerrilla projections subsequently became a subject for an academic paper by Dr Esther Chadwick published in the Third Text Journal in 2019 with a projection-bombed Hans Sloane featuring on the front cover.

#whatcanabodydo was part of the MA Art and Politics at Goldsmiths University.

Projection-bombed statue of Robert Clayton

Projection-bombed OXFAM

Projector Bomb 8-03-18 (4 of 7).jpg

Projection-bombed Tobacco Dock

Projection-bombed Hans Sloane


#whatcanabodydo Installation view at St James Hatcham

© #whatcanabodydo 2018
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